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Bassoons Heckel 6000 A Heckel 6000 series bassoon for sale in mint condition : Click Here To View . Heckel 6000 series bassoons are highly regarded for their free sound, great projection and beautiful, resonant tonal qualities. This particular instrument is of the highest calibre with a velvety, rich sound that really sings. This bassoon has been carefully restored in-house by our specialist bassoon repair team including: all new pads, complete re-silver, bore oil and seal, restored original striping and finish based carefully on the original colouring and striping, German silver finger-hole liners and much more. With our specialist set up work this bassoon performs as easily as any modern instrument, but sounds a lot better. We get many great bassoons coming through our workshop, but occasionally we get an instrument which stands out as particularly special. This Heckel bassoon is one of those rare instruments which we feel is really special. We highly recommend you come and try it and find out for yourself. In particular this bassoon features: A particularly round, Heckel sound, with great warmth of tone and penetrating projection. Outstanding intonation and evenness of tone. Newly-fitted German silver finger-hole liners extending into the bore. Newly silver plated keywork. New corks, felts and pads. Professional keywork set up with special attention to pad heights, key heights and spring tensions for optimal performance. Keywork including high D key, little finger rollers, E-F# trill, C# trill, alternate F# for right hand little finger, alternate G# (Ab) for right hand thumb, alternate Bb for right hand third finger. Two well-matched Heckel crooks/bocals (Heckel CC1 and Heckel Vc1). Kim Walker gig bag with back straps in good condition. This is a rare opportunity to invest in a world class instrument. Click Here To View £24,000 01633 677729
Newport, UK

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